Soaking up the Rain

Jacket weather is upon us! Happy Monday 🙂

I recently became an ELO (Environmental Leadership Office) Ambassador and yesterday was the ‘retreat’. We give campus tours and presentations to educate groups about sustainable living/energy/food/etc. Some really cool things I learned about:

  1. Bioretention cells and rain gardens on MU’s campus (learn!)
  2. Efforts for the MU Power Plant to be 76% Carbon-neutral by 2017/coal free by 2050
  3. LEED certified buildings
  4. The wind-turbine, solar panel table, and green roof projects on campus
  5. MU’s Tree Trails (Did you know the entire campus is a Botanical Garden? Awesome!)

It’s really neat to see how sensitive the university is to student concerns- much of the ‘green’ movement on campus has been student-driven and I’m really excited to be part of a community that not only advocates but implements sustainable practices.

Today the rain gardens are soaking up and filtering the rain and leaves are turning and Columbians everywhere have busted out their scarves and sweaters and are drinking hot tea and all is right in the world.

I went into full-force fall mode this weekend:





I’m on a bit of a walnut-frenzy. The middle picture is oats mixed with a spinach-banana smoothie with chia seeds, and the bottom picture is banana ice cream (just a frozen banana blended with 1/4 c almond milk) topped with granola and walnuts- delicious. 

Welcome fall and welcome rain! 



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