Long Runs and Sundresses

Happy Saturday!

This is what I’m doing right now:



A reward for my 12 mi run this morning! My favorite Columbia gem: The Main Squeeze. I’m nommin on the “jawsdome salad” with spinach, kale, walnuts, carrots, avocado, bell pepper, cucumber, etc. And a berry smoothie (straw-, blue-, and black-). YUM. 

The run this morning was magical. I fueled up around 7 with a tasty concoction of oats, granola, banana, strawberry, flax meal, and almond milk. Throughout the entire run I felt energized, alive, and inspired. It was perfect. Here are some highlights:

  1. The incredibly unreal, beyond perfect weather. 63 degrees, sunshine, light wind, crisp air, turning leaves, etc. Upon my first step outside I almost wept.
  2. I took a brief hiking break about 1 mile in, in some woods near my house. Pretty trees!
  3. There were LARPers all over downtown.
  4. High-fived a stranger passing the other way- such a small gesture but so encouraging!
  5. Favorite spots: Stankowski, the Quad, Peace Park, Cherry and 7th, the lake by Schlundt, and the downhill stretch on Broadway back to my house 🙂

There were no mental blocks, no aching knees, no tired spells- it was just what I needed before the half next week. I’m so excited! Here’s my attempt to make cool shapes:


I turned my phone off after 10 mi because I didn’t want it to die on the way home. Pandora + Nike Run = a lot of battery. 

Other awesome things about today:

Took a nap in Peace Park!




Made guacamole!



And now I’m wearing a sundress. Good things always happen when wearing a sundress.




And now I go to iTap, not for the 3rd time in 3 days….

Have a wonderful day!


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