Thoughts on Kale (kind of)

Happy Thursday!

Last night I returned to my apartment after a long journey of a day on campus. I got a 7% on an exam. Yes, the single digit integer that follows 6 and precedes 8. Although I try not to allow grades to enter the ‘sacred space’ of my mind-where my dreams and fairy friends live and where butterflies float around whispering words of wisdom from Jerry Garcia- I did take a hard long look at myself in the mirror when I got home. And do you know what I found?


I found kale. Right between my 2 front teeth. I ate it in the library for dinner, which means it had been there- right in the center of what was supposed to be my facial display of happiness- for 7 hours. My God, I thought, why don’t i just go live on a deserted island where social embarrassment is minimal and and my only worries will be whether I’m tall enough to pick coconuts and pineapples and if the monkeys get along and I wonder if they have the Dharma Initiative and- Wait, did I even talk to anyone in the last 7 hours? … No. It occurred to me that my daily human interaction level is about a 3 on a scale from Tom Hanks in Castaway (0) to Elle Woods pre-Harvard acceptance (10).

Do not think that this is some declaration of self pity. I actually kind of like it. After years of going to parties and having roomates and friends and boyfriends and people around almost at all times, I’m learning to appreciate what it is to be alone. To just exist with myself. I’m diggin it. I’ve become more confident in my own skin.

Sometimes I do yearn for more human connection (Isn’t that the point of life?). But the solitude has helped me to appreciate the relationships I do have. My dad told me, “I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies”. Me too, dad. Me too.

So, thank you kale– for supplying Vitamins K, A, and C, and for being the vehicle for a beautiful realization.

Happy National Kale Day! Now go celebrate. 


P.S. I have recently named my bike ‘Wilson’. She is my most loyal and beloved inanimate object <3.

P.P.S. Here’s an interesting article- NPR’s take on Kale Day!

Soaking up the Rain

Jacket weather is upon us! Happy Monday 🙂

I recently became an ELO (Environmental Leadership Office) Ambassador and yesterday was the ‘retreat’. We give campus tours and presentations to educate groups about sustainable living/energy/food/etc. Some really cool things I learned about:

  1. Bioretention cells and rain gardens on MU’s campus (learn!)
  2. Efforts for the MU Power Plant to be 76% Carbon-neutral by 2017/coal free by 2050
  3. LEED certified buildings
  4. The wind-turbine, solar panel table, and green roof projects on campus
  5. MU’s Tree Trails (Did you know the entire campus is a Botanical Garden? Awesome!)

It’s really neat to see how sensitive the university is to student concerns- much of the ‘green’ movement on campus has been student-driven and I’m really excited to be part of a community that not only advocates but implements sustainable practices.

Today the rain gardens are soaking up and filtering the rain and leaves are turning and Columbians everywhere have busted out their scarves and sweaters and are drinking hot tea and all is right in the world.

I went into full-force fall mode this weekend:





I’m on a bit of a walnut-frenzy. The middle picture is oats mixed with a spinach-banana smoothie with chia seeds, and the bottom picture is banana ice cream (just a frozen banana blended with 1/4 c almond milk) topped with granola and walnuts- delicious. 

Welcome fall and welcome rain! 


Long Runs and Sundresses

Happy Saturday!

This is what I’m doing right now:



A reward for my 12 mi run this morning! My favorite Columbia gem: The Main Squeeze. I’m nommin on the “jawsdome salad” with spinach, kale, walnuts, carrots, avocado, bell pepper, cucumber, etc. And a berry smoothie (straw-, blue-, and black-). YUM. 

The run this morning was magical. I fueled up around 7 with a tasty concoction of oats, granola, banana, strawberry, flax meal, and almond milk. Throughout the entire run I felt energized, alive, and inspired. It was perfect. Here are some highlights:

  1. The incredibly unreal, beyond perfect weather. 63 degrees, sunshine, light wind, crisp air, turning leaves, etc. Upon my first step outside I almost wept.
  2. I took a brief hiking break about 1 mile in, in some woods near my house. Pretty trees!
  3. There were LARPers all over downtown.
  4. High-fived a stranger passing the other way- such a small gesture but so encouraging!
  5. Favorite spots: Stankowski, the Quad, Peace Park, Cherry and 7th, the lake by Schlundt, and the downhill stretch on Broadway back to my house 🙂

There were no mental blocks, no aching knees, no tired spells- it was just what I needed before the half next week. I’m so excited! Here’s my attempt to make cool shapes:


I turned my phone off after 10 mi because I didn’t want it to die on the way home. Pandora + Nike Run = a lot of battery. 

Other awesome things about today:

Took a nap in Peace Park!




Made guacamole!



And now I’m wearing a sundress. Good things always happen when wearing a sundress.




And now I go to iTap, not for the 3rd time in 3 days….

Have a wonderful day!